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Bridgecore is a next-generation healthcare information exchange that is bringing together providers, payors, and ancillary providers in an innovative patient-centered communication model. The platform is being rolled out in Philadelphia, and has received strategic backing from the area’s largest health system and insurance carrier. We are currently actively signing up hospitals and long-term care facilities in Philadelphia and wider Pennsylvania in pilots in conjunction with the efforts of the state government-sponsored eHealth Authority driving the statewide HIE.

What We Do

We envision a world in which healthcare information is connected. Because we believe that until that happens, all the different members of the care team — whether at the hospital, the insurance provider, the lab, or the skilled nursing facility — will never truly be able to speak clearly to each other.

We provide your hospitals and ancillary providers tools to serve you better. With the data services Bridgecore facilitates, we help caretakers understand individuals and patient groups by empowering them with critical health information that helps identify potential medical risks before they become outcomes. And when emergency events do happen, as they are bound to, we deliver timely push notifications to help mobilize all facets of the care team.

When you visit a clinic, we want to make sure that your doctor can see your previous encounters with different doctors in different institutions. We want to make sure that she can have a complete patient profile without missing pieces — so she can be aware of your allergies, your prior medical subtleties, and the best course for you going forward.

We provide your insurance company with means to support your wellbeing and keep you out of the hospital. With better clinical data, insurance companies can more proactively work with their members on wellness and preventative care, so that you can stay healthy and happy. By working with carriers to deliver high-quality, low-latency information to the care team, in the most accessible and convenient ways, we can not only improve your quality of care but reduce the costs and wait as well.

Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Lucidity Health has quickly received the backing of Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross, and is a proud graduate of the first-ever DreamIt Health venture program. Of course, a company is only as strong as its team, and at Lucidity we take this to heart. We are continually dedicated to attracting the best talent to solve what we believe is one of the biggest problems facing the industry today.

Management Team

Jake Halpert, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has taken the Company from a seed of an idea to assemble a great team and achieve partnerships with market leaders. An avid advocate for patient rights and care coordination, Jake has been both surprised at the lack of infrastructure and communication in the industry, and optimistic about the opportunity to change this. Jake holds a B.A. in Economics from Williams College.

Kelly Newman, Business Development, is in many ways the face of the team. She is one of those exceptional people who can turn very difficult conversations into friendly chats. She is at the office today, at a conference at the other side of the country tomorrow, and will be having video calls with executives the next day. Prior to joining the Company, Kelly was with the Advisory Board.


Our Associate positions serve dually as an apprenticeship for emerging business leaders in the healthcare space, and as a source of new business relationships with providers and payors. We are pleased to be joined this year by two passionate healthcare innovators from the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Business.

Imran Cronk
Nikhil Das